※※※  Japanese Trading Business  ※※※

On your behalf, we can access a Japanese market, it is a familiar one for us.
So as to introduce your products to our market, we work as your Tokyo staff.
So as to get what you need in our market, we will work as your purchasing staff.
Our staff is entitled " Import Business Adviser " by JETRO.

              (JETRO=Japan External Trade Organization, a juridical foundation of MITI)
            (As to "Import Business Advisers", JETRO certifies and resisters experts of
       import transactions,equipped with on-the-job experience, knowledge and know-how.)

          ********** Import Business **********

                  Do you have something for our market. ?
            If so, please apply for our import expansion program.
          It is free until there come concrete inquiries and orders.
      When it comes, we should discuss our relationship for both us winners.

(First step introduction activities)

First of all, your company and products description paper in Japanese is prepared by us.
◇   Introducing your company and products to Japanese market through our home page.
◇   Publishing "New Products Release" in the related magazines and papers.
◇   Pre-marketing for potential markets and companies.

(As a distributor or agent,)

When there come inquiries and orders, we can work as your distributor
In the case of big business, OEM business and severe price competition business
we can work as your selling agent contracted with commission to have an advantage over.

     Internet discloses the information of world-wide market on and on,
     It will make the world just one business society so called "borderless"
     And, everybody can easily reach optimum products and market.
     This means that there will come severe competition stage in the world market.
     Direct transaction business must be a best way to cope with such a situation.
     We will act as reliable intermediary between foreign company and Japanese company.

( Invitation and selection of distributor and vendor)

In our complicated business field structure, not the channel directly for customers
but the channel for distributors and vendors is sometimes effective for potential business.
It might be called as a human-relationship orientated market, it still exists firmly-rooted in Japan.
In such case, invitation and selection of distributor and vendor is essential factor for a good business.
We can check if the company is equal for a distributor or vendor for your products.

            ********** Export Business  **********

              Do you have something seeking in our market.
               If so, we try to find it instead of you.
      There are Japanese companies, they want to have a contract with you.

Some Japanese companies have prospered and are well-known in the world.
But it is said that a large contribution toward today's Japanese prosperity
had been made by their subcontractor and rather small companies.
There are many small companies who are superior in their technology
and well-reputed for their sincere attitude for their products.
But, mainly due to a language problem and the location surrounded by the sea
they have not yet fully introduced throughout the world
But on the contrary, we can say that there exists unknown fortune here in Japan.
Anyhow, if you have something seeking, why not advise what it is, and we will try to serch it.
Also, we will arrange introduction space for the Japanese company in this home-page.
Of course you can contact directly the the company you want or through us.

Keep in your mind that there are unknown companies in the world in Japan
who have good skill, now-how and products, that have contributed today our society.

We have often received inquiries for electronic components made by a big Japanese company..
But, to our regret, we can not get a good price from them.
Because in general they have their own distribution channel, they don't want other one.
In the case of there is nosales office and distributor, we will act as your purchasing staff in Japan.
Anyhow, communication is a good way to find a good business relationship.

About COMMON Co.

      Around 15years, we have been engaged in import business
     mainly handling of electronic components.
     Partners are the Americans, the English and German.
     Accordingly, electronic components field is our strong market
     but we will try to expand to other markets.  
     Our society is also computer-orientated one now
     and we can reach and contact any people easily.
     We want to act as a go-between overseas contries and Japan
     for smooth and reliable business relationship establishment.

COMMON CORPORATION   4-9-10 Honcho, Tanashi-City, Tokyo 188-0011 Japan
            TEL: +81-424-65-8173   FAX: +81-424-65-8266